Sweet wine with perfume and flavours reminding tropical fruits, blond tobacco and dried fruits, extremely complex.
Production zone
Estates of Trigoso (Sestri Levante) and Campegli (Castiglione Chiavarese)
Vine Bianchetta Genovese and Vermentino
Wine making
Harvest of the grapes is effected before o the traditional vintage, choosing the best straggly clusters and laying in cassettes for a prolonged withering. The treading is manual and the fermentation, very slow, it happens partly on grape stalks and continues in a barrel where it remains for about 18 months. From the low productivity of must (10/12%)they obtain a wine with perfumes and gustatory feelings which remember the tropical fruits, the blonde tobacco and the dry fruit with extreme complexity . The sweet and mellow flavor is enriched by a pleasant salty vein..
Bottling Performed after least 18 months of permanence in ancient barrels of 225 litres.
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