The love for his earth...The passion for his own job... The search of a continuous qualitative improvement are the guidelines in the production of “ Bisson wines" .

”In the estates of Trigoso (Sestri Levante) and Campegli (Castiglione Chiavarese) the typical vines of the Ligurian Eastern Coast (Vermentino, Bianchetta and Cliegiolo) are cultivated and here the grapes necessary in the production of their omonym wines, ripen.
From grapes Vermentino and Bianchetta, attentively selected and fade, is possible to obtain a limited number of bottles of sweet wines.
From mixed grapes of Dolcetto and Barbera, present on our territory since 700’ ( Liguria and the Piemonte, through the roads of the salt, swapped seafood for products of the hinterland) the red wine “Musaico”, characterized by a strong personality, is obtained.

In the terraces on the sea cliff, in Riomaggiore, they are audaciously cultivate, with ancient manual practices, the vines Wood, Vermentino and Albarola from which is produced the typical wine of 5 Terre named “Marea”.
From an accurate selection and drying of grapes on racks, they obtain a limited number of bottles of legendary sweet wine “Sciacchetrà”.




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On November 29 will be on sale sparkling wine "Abyss".
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