Old gold rich, bright, sweet colour and deep flavor with tasty and intriguing deep vein of.
Combinations can be enjoyed in relax or with cookies..
Production zone
Estates of Trigoso (Sestri Levante) and Campegli (Castiglione Chiavarese)
Vine Moscato
Wine making

The grape harvest is carried out previoulsy the traditional harvest, selecting the best and straggly clusters and putting them in boxes for a prolonged drying.

The treading and fermentation is manual, slow, takes place partly on grape pomace and then continues in barrels where it remains for about 18 months.

From the very low yield of must (10/12%) they obtain a wine with aromas and flavors reminding aromatic tropical fruits, moss berries, blond tobacco and dried fruit.

Bottling Is performed after at least 18 months in old barrels
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