Our technique of growing and winemaking is the following:

Pruning and autumnal organic fertilizing, pruning after flowering.
Cluster thinning during veraison.
Harvest at optimum ripeness.
Vinification of white grapes.
Crushing of the grapes and their placement in thermal conditioned tanks and lowering temperatures up to +5 ° replacement of must and crio- maceration in films for 24 \ 60 hours.
Drawing off the juice and fermenting power.
Racking and stay on the lees until bottling time.

Vinification of red grapes, Ciliegiolo: in the traditional version (cerasuolo) grape stem removal and installation in tanks, with a reduction of the temperature to +5 °; replacement of the must for about 3 days until the desired intensity of color (clear, bright ruby red), racking and fermentation.
Bottling after two transfers.
For the other varieties a traditional vinification with fermentation temperature between 20 ° and 30 ° is executed; pumping and maceration require from 6 to 25 days.

Soil characteristics: pH-neutral, clay composition - sandy with gravel skeleton, southern exposure, Guyot form raising, charging bud: 10 buds per vine ; density: N. 6000 plants per hectare.

Acinari Passito Granaccia
Cinque Terre Pigato Musaico
Ciliegiolo Rubino Ciliegiolo
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