Classic method "Pas Dosè".
Early harvest and preparation of the sparkling wine using a technique called "alzata del cappello dell vinaccia"; fermantation at controlled temperature. Draft with inoculation of selected yeats and subsequent froth.

Immersion of the bottles, into metal cages, on the seabed depht 60 meters at a constant temperature of 15 degrees, lasting 26 months. Succeding bottles' repachage and straightening. After 8 months, discorging and re filling process using the same sparkling wine in orer not to introduce other dosages of sugar.

Full strawl yellow colour, fine and persistent perlage, scent with clear hints of brackish. Dry and long taste, intriguant and strong minerality.

Production area
Sestri Levante (Trigoso)
Vines Varying depending on the harvest (Bianchetta Genovese, Vermentino e Cimixia)
Serving suggestions Great for appetizer and main dishes based on fish







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