Ten years ago, Pierluigi Lugano, who leads the company together with his daughter Martha and technical manager of the production started a project to give life to a classic method sparkling wine.

Environmental conditions to achieve this type of sparkling wine, is known, which require an environment that meets the specific conditions of temperature and light (underground caves and tunnels).

Looking around and thinking about the wrecks of the galleons in the sea, which have repeatedly returned food products (wine) well preserved by the organoleptic characteristics intact.

Combining my passion for wine and the sea, I thought that the ideal could actually be the seabed. Depth 60 m, +15 ° constant temperature, darkness, pressure and a series of favorable factors in this ideal context for the most exclusive champagne!

The choice of location, thanks to the cooperation of the Area Portofino Marine Park, has fallen in "Cala English 'in the heart of the park. Over the years, completed all the trials and research, and the project started in May 2009, 6,500 bottles matured into the seabed.

Resurfacing will be done after 18 months in water and is expected to enter the market for the Christmas holidays.


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VIDEO of Champagne Submerged

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