History of Bisson Vini

"I was six years old.

One day, one of  my classmates invited me to join the harvest in his parents´ vineyard.

I walked quickly up the steep trail with a pounding heart, not because of the exertion, but because of the excitement I was feeling.

Once there I picked many bunches and  helped with the manual pressing. The reward for my work was a beautiful basket full of grapes. When I got home, nobody was there.

I seized the opportunity and pressed the grapes into a large pot and hid them.

Every day I repeated the same operations I had observed in my friend´s cellar. When the fermentation was completed, I poured the wine into a bottle through a colander and simply couldn’t resist the temptation of tasting. My mother noticed the alcohol on my breath and I had to confess. A just punishment was inevitable, but in the meantime, my first wine was born."

                                                        Pierluigi Lugano

Bisson wines saw the light at the beginning of 1978, when Pierluigi Lugano, Master of arts and highly regarded sommelier, conscious of the potential hidden in the rugged Ligurian wines produced by local farmers, decided to take his chance in the exploitation of grapes originating from the Eastern Ligurian coast.

He began buying small lots of grapes from farmers all over the territory and producing wine in his own cellar, attempting many experiments with modern winemaking techniques, in order to understand how to appropriately handle the local grapes.


The excellent results obtained, led to the rediscovery of native Ligurian wines which had practically disappeared, such as the "Bianchetta Genovese" and "Ciliegiolo", and contributed to the creation of new inspirations such as "Musaico", a red wine of great personality .

After spending several years in handling purchased grapes, it was decided to plant and cultivate personal vineyards in order to achieve full control of the quality process of the wines.

Cultivation entailing a strict limitation of pesticides in the Bisson vineyards is the challenge which is currently being pursued with great conviction, with the objective of guaranteeing quality and authenticity of their products.

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