Piero Lugano



About twenty years ago I decided to create a "spumante"; I began to experiment, and

I quickly realized that I needed an underground cellar in semi-darkness with a constant temperature. It was a difficult task, maybe impossible, but I had an inspiration.

I am an ex- professor of arts and I have always had a passion for  history, the sea and its secrets.

I considered the wrecks of ancient ships, in which often amphorae containing wine were found, and it has been proved that this environment is perfect for preservation. Fantastic, I thought, that’s the way to go.

However, I was quickly discouraged by the many obstacles: permits to obtain, problems of every kind....

I confided in an exceptional person,,a man of great worth and competence: Mr. Franco Macchiavello, a wine supervision inspector.

He did not consider me a madman, on the contrary, he urged me on, and every time we met he wanted to know how the project was evolving.


One day I decided to take the plunge – I knew it was risky - but that’s when the adventure began.


At a depth of 60 meters, the environment is ideal: a temperature of 15 degrees, shade, currents that would gently rock the bottles, stirring the sediments which would enrich the wine with aroma and structure. A pressure of 7 bar would create a perfect balance, and the absence of oxygen would avoid a loss of pressure. Furthermore, the added value of the submersion in a marine environment would be testified by the formation of deposits on the bottles, thanks to the natural action of the sea, creating effects which would render each bottle unique and different from any other.

I summoned an operating team which proved to be fundamental.

Diving operations, surfacing, on-site inspections, needed to be skillfully performed in order to assess all the risks, with the aid of sophisticated equipment.

The collaboration on behalf of  Dino and Gian Luca Passeri from the Drafinsub of Genoa ( experts in underwater  operations) was priceless: they offered precious advice, as well as their advanced equipment.

 I then began the winery operations, and the bottles finally reached the market at the end of November 2010. Since 2014, the project has been entrusted to the crystal-clear sea waters of the "Bay of Silence" of Sestri Levante. Today, thanks to the high quality of the results achieved, and the consequent wave of success, the sparkling wine "Abissi" has become the flagship of the entire production of Bisson wines, besides being a source of Ligurian and indeed Italian enological pride.

But I still have a dream: I love the sea as much as I love the vineyards and I don´t want to feel that I’m betraying either of them.

Then why not create a sailing vineyard using a decommissioned aircraft carrier?  With a fully equipped wine cellar, and just maybe, the possibility, whilst sailing, of avoiding hailstorms and of drifting towards the perfect weather…..

Who knows whether I would be allowed to try?

Spumante Abissi

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